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Service Overview
We service what we sell.  Please go to the registration form to register any products you purchased from our company.  The registration form permits us to better provide for your information needs.


Contact Customer Services
First of all, you must register the product you purchased.  If you have a question about on-line access, please check the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before posting your question. 

Memberships - at the present time we are offering the first month  access free when you establish an account.  You can get additional access for $9.95 a month.    Three month minimum sign-up.  All proceeds go to the support of these kids.

Sponsor a Kid

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Technical Support
Phone:  (321) 266-1406 
     Fax:  (321) 409-0524 

Or you may sign-on for a membership and post your technical question in one of our discussion groups (Forums), or Special Interest Groups.

Register a Computer Purchase.


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