Company Overview

Our world is growing at an alarming pace.  Technology that was cycling every four to five years is now cycling in under 18 months.  The demand  for information continues to affect each one of us as the systems of tomorrow begin to emerge.  Our goal is to assist   at-risk young people integrate  their lives into this new society by teaching them how to develop skills that they will need to contribute to the support of themselves and their future families. We are standing on the threshold of a new era, where people of vision are bringing together technology and communications  in  ways that were previously impossible.  


 You can create your own dynamic home page on the world wide web (even if you don't have any  technical expertise).  We provide access to  online training, e-commerce, SmartWare forums, * chat about almost anything,    Now you can satisfy all of your information needs in one location.


Logos  has been expanding its delivery of user friendly information systems to the general public.  Through the delivery of custom software applications, digital communications products, client-server on-line systems, home networks and application servers.     

Mission Statement
We are here to ease the introduction of information technology to clients that are confused about technology and to enhance the ability of clients to access information networks around the world.  This year, we will introduce thousands of people and businesses to the latest high technology alternatives.

Company Background
We have been delivering quality database applications and on-line services since 1990.   In 1997 we began offering telecommunications products services to our clients.  Today we are positioned to provide access to greater  Internet services.

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