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Toronto, Ontario - April 20, 2000 (ASE: ANC - www.angoss.com) - ANGOSS Software Corporation, developer of the industry leading data mining solutions KnowledgeSEEKER(r), KnowledgeSTUDIO(r), KnowledgeExcelerator(tm) and KnowledgeAccess(tm), announced today the promotion of Tom Hauetter to President of wholly-owned subsidiary SmartWare Corporation.

Tom Hauetter's appointment forms part of a reorganization designed to promote the future expansion of the SmartWare business by a focussed management and development team independent of ANGOSS.  SmartWare(tm) has been non-core to ANGOSS since the mid-1990s when ANGOSS began focussing on the data mining business opportunity but continues to be a popular application development environment for developers world-wide.

"Tom Hauetter has for several years been at the center of SmartWare's well established network of independent developers in North America and Europe who have been using the SmartWare rapid application developer tools and pre-packaged application suites to deploy business solutions across Windows, UNIX and LINUX based platforms" commented ANGOSS President Eric Apps.  "SmartWare's business model going forward will enable developers participating in the continued enhancement of SmartWare applications to share in the equity upside of the business. As a 'co-oporation' SmartWare will be able to promote incentives within the SmartWare developer community to continue to design, develop and implement SmartWare based solutions.  ANGOSS will retain an equity interest in SmartWare, but we expect that equity interest to diminish over time as SmartWare developers earn in to the equity of the business.

"I am excited about having the opportunity to lead SmartWare through the next phase in its evolution" commented newly appointed President Tom Hauetter.  "We are focussed on working with our developer community to continuously improve SmartWare and we will be pursuing a number of initiatives over the next few months to realize this goal.  The real strength of SmartWare is evident in the powerful platform independent business solutions that have been created by hundreds of developers worldwide.  By showcasing these solutions, we can demonstrate to small and medium sized businesses the value of this application development environment as a cost effective alternative to design and implement affordable business solutions."

About SmartWare Corporation

SmartWare Corporation, headquartered in Kansas City, develops and sells SmartWare scaleable rapid application development tools and application suites.  The SmartWare application suite includes:  A very robust implementation of RAD based on SmartWare's Project processing 4GL. Programmable Database Spreadsheet and Wordprocessor application engines.  And an ODBC Driver.

SmartWare enables software developers to design, implement and deploy cost effective business solutions that operate in Windows, UNIX and LINUX environments.  Current SmartWare users include a range of  customers from single user application developers to mission critical systems used by fortune 500 companies.

About ANGOSS Software

ANGOSS Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, develops and sells industry-leading data mining solutions "at the intersection of the Warehouse and the Web." ANGOSS customers use ANGOSS data mining  solutions to make better business decisions every day.  Further information on ANGOSS is available on the Internet at  www.angoss.com.

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