Building Your Own Computer System

If you were going to build your own computer, you will need the following parts:

     Computer Case or Tower
     Mother board
     CPU with cooling fan Pentium III, IV,  I3 to I7, or AMD
     RAM, choose between DDR or SDRAM                                         
     Floppy Drive, choose between 1.44MB, 120MB and 200MB
     Hard drive
     Keyboard  &  Mouse
     Operating System, choose Windows 7 or 10
     Video Cards
     Printers and cables
     CD/DVD Drive   
     Sound Card, Speakers, Headphone or Subwoofers
     An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
     Network Card, Cables, Hubs, Terminators and Ts'
     Backup or replaceable hard drives, Tape Backup or equivalent
     Additional Software like Office Suites, Antivirus, Shareware
     Extension Cables (for Mouse, Keyboard, Video) or adapters


Monitor start at 17"  and go up.  That was then and the list is old.
     Today the equipment is much faster and much more stable.  

Sounds complicated doesn't it.  Well, there's an alternative. Convenience dictates-that you can tell us what you want and we can build and test the system for you.  Although we have great prices on laptops, they may become a thing of the past in favor of the tablet or smart phone.

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